New for Fall 2021!

I propose online conferences addressed to age-groups and young adult athletes. The conferences are interactive and include applied activities to help athletes understand and implement new habits quickly. A brief overview of each conference is provided below. The workshops are all approximately 1h in duration (sometimes a bit longer) and include a question period.

The cost is 12$ per workshop and is delivered through the platform ZOOM. We can also arrange for the workshop to be targeted to your club and the specific needs of your athletes.

Contact me to arrange a special delivery.

Mariane Boyer


Practical Nutrition Knowledge

This first workshop will cover essential nutrition topics and is a prerequisite in fully benefiting from other conferences. Participants will learn about macronutrients, micronutrients, food processing, food labelling and food preservations. Athletes will also learn about basic sport nutrition principles!

Fuel to perform

This second workshop will discuss specific nutrition strategies that athletes should use to fuel optimally throughout their day and throughout their training cycle. Athletes will learn to optimize pre-during-post training strategies and nutrition during competitions.


Get organized! Tips and tricks to better organize your nutrition.

This third workshop will present easy and practical strategies to facilitate meal planning and preparation, from assembling a simple meal at home to packing for multi-day championships.

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Whether for a simple information, or for a meeting, do not hesitate to contact me!