Emilie Comtois-Rousseau, RD, M.A. M.Sc.

Sports Dietitian-Nutritionist

My practice reflects who I am: practical, authentic, and friendly.

Currently, I am the Lead Performance Dietitian for the GeeGees sports teams at the University of Ottawa, accredited at the Excellence level by the National Sport Institute. I remain deeply involved in the sport of swimming.

Formerly an economist, I redirected my career in my late twenties to become a specialized Sports Nutritionist-Dietitian. I completed my Master's degree in Nutrition Sciences at McGill University (Quebec, Canada) in December 2020. My research thesis focused on RED-S (Relative Energy Deficit in Sport) and the dietary habits of a group of teenage swimmers, combining my passions for nutrition and swimming. My project included exciting sub-themes such as periodization of nutritional strategies across a training macrocycle and specific nutritional needs of young athletes.

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I primarily work with adolescent and young adult athletes competing in various sports, both at the amateur and professional levels. I also engage in school programs, work with athletes at the University of Ottawa, and collaborate with sports federations. My experience includes organizing camps and major sporting events, such as the 2021 Canada Games. I regularly give lectures to diverse groups of athletes, coaches, and sports federations. As an educator, I teach sports nutrition at McGill University (QC, Canada) and the University of Ottawa (ON, Canada). I also supervise undergraduate nutrition students aspiring to become sports dietitians. My commitment extends to various research projects. Currently, I am collaborating with the Canadian Network for Behavioural Interventions and Trials on a doctoral project in partnership with the University of British Columbia, addressing body image issues among adolescent athletes.

Prior to studying nutrition, I completed a Master's in Economics at Laval University (Quebec, Canada). I then worked as an economist at the Department of Finance (Finance Canada) for four years. These experiences equipped me with strong statistical knowledge and excellent data analysis skills. I know how to interpret your data :-)

I thrive in the sports environment: believing in the impossible, working towards goals, learning from successes and failures, sharing emotions, and relying on each other. It's a roller coaster of highs and lows that I'm addicted to! I've always found there's a certain vulnerability and authenticity that you only find in sports environments.

Looking forward to working with you!

Academic background

  • Masters in Nutrition (McGill University, 2020)
  • Bachelor of Nutritional Sciences (University of Ottawa, 2017)
  • Masters in Economics (Laval University, 2009)
  • Integrated baccalaureate in Economics and Mathematics (Laval University, 2007).
  • Kinesiology studies (Laval University, 2003)

Some other training and professional development :

  • Monash University - Low FODMAP diet and IBS treatments
  • Isak level 1 (2022)
  • Dare to Fuel : Nutritional Treatment of eating disorders in athletes (2021)

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting, feel free to contact me!