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Individual consultations to tailor your diet to your life and your goals.

The nutritional assessment is the first step in your process. It’s an assessment of your overall health, eating habits, lifestyle and training load. The assessment takes 75-80 minutes and the cost is $ 140 (non-taxable, insurance receipt issued for each visit).

Following the assessment, we will jointly determine the next steps to be taken. Often a few visits are enough to understand and implement some basic changes.

I am not allowed to sell any packages or extras. It's not one of my values ​​either. You will always be free to continue your efforts or not.

I offer different services to optimize the health and sporting progress of athletes:

  • Anthropometric measurements standardized according to the ISAK method. These measures are relevant in different groups of athletes such as growing athletes who train several hours per week or athletes who train in a weight-class sport.
  • Body composition measurements (ISAK and InBody570). One or more body composition monitors at targeted times during the season are relevant for many athletes. For example, we can ensure that the evolution of muscle is consistent with the athlete's training objectives. The InBody analysis is offered at the PhysioOutaouais Taché Clinic (406 Alexandre-Taché Blvd, Gatineau, Quebec J9A 1M5).
  • Blood test follow-ups. Iron, B12 or Vitamin D deficiencies are common in athletes, difficult to identify by symptoms alone and significantly impair health and performance. Targeted blood tests at strategic times of the season are relevant for many athletes. Under certain conditions, Nutritionist-Dietitians can prescribe these blood tests.


Services tailored to improve your team's performance. Contact me and together we will decide on a plan!

Some examples of services:
  • Interactive workshops, recipes, nutrition during local and outdoor competitions.
  • Training of your food volunteers.
  • Menu review and planning.
  • Nutrition at training camps.


I offer dynamic, interactive, simple and effective conferences for your business. With the pandemic, I have developed an expertise for interactive teleconferencing!

Contact me to discuss your needs!
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Whether for a simple information, or for a meeting, do not hesitate to contact me!